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5 min after they left and we followed them to the old military houses where we have been so often..

They were shy but we made a great video there I will post for you next week :) As always a great day out with the live cam and the voyeurs following me all the time :) Maybe I should get a Whatsapp and you can send me messages ?

A video made especially for a fan who loves red nails on my hands and toes, he also likes stocking and would LOVE to have me giving him a food job so I gave my husband ne here in the video to make him almost feel what it is being at his place.

This is another great day at the beach where the voyeurs on my livecam can follow me having some outdoor sex as I love.

I give my husband a blowjob while at least 30 persons are watching us, mostly single guys but also a couple..of them jerking off, others just watching. Maybe it will be you meeting me at the beach next time :) Several people there came to tell me they are fans of me and members of my site hihi :) I also have the video, maybe I should prepare it ans post it for you :) Dreaming of sun and summer again :) kisses Emily Some days ago I invited you to follow a real porno shooting in the mountains on my live spycam.

I'm sure you followed me on my live cam for the voyeurs thursday when I went to this beach.

I like it because of it's clear blue transparent water, no waves to whirl the sand up and make blurry pics.

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