Radiodating and analysis

There does not appear to be any accounts of or archaeological evidence for it actually being used for human ingestion ceremonially. Granted, it was incorporated into the peyote drink as prepared by several tribes and it is reasonable to assume that to be an ancient practice.It has been closely associated physically with peyote rites, strung as beads, as well as reported to have been used medicinally, ritually and as a “narcotic” (a word that has been so misapplied, misconstrued and misused anthropologically as to have little, if any, reliably discernible meaning).‘s sacred stature, nor would I want to dispute its long association with the peyote ritual but it is important to keep in mind that its use (or effectiveness) as a hallucinogen has never been adequately demonstrated.While it is a tantalizing notion to entertain, it needs to be understood that (Ort.) Lag.ex SD), their occasional comingling, and was bolstered with only one second-hand reference to it being a euphoric plant. It was employed in a highly dangerous form of a vision quest to gain animal spirits as guardians, protectors or familiars.

Many other ritual purposes besides hallucinogen use exist for plants.Dry cave and rock shelter finds in Texas are also said to have yielded dried samples of peyote that were three thousand years old and one find was purportedly dated to 7000 years.Those refer to specimens in the Witte Museum that have been claimed to be of that immense age (more on this in a moment.)There are five reports where peyote was mentioned as being recovered from archaeological sites but material for only two of these can be located within the known collections. 2006 for details and references.) The account of Bruhn et al.That claim oddly only appeared as a passing mention within a book review written by Furst.His date was repeated by Schultes & Hofmann and now appears stated as a fact throughout the literature. 2002 presented a letter to the editor of Lancet in which they asserted establishing peyote use for 5700 years after dating the Shumla material (Furst’s 7000 BP).

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