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Hong Kong has the longest average working week in the world at 50.1 hours, a UBS survey found last year.

Ariadna Peretz, founder of matchmaking business Maitre D’ate in 2015, said Hongkongers found it hard to slow down and commit to a relationship, resulting in a “pending-better-offer” phenomenon where people are always looking out for someone better.

“Some Hong Kong singles are conservative and find it hard to open up to meeting new people or approach people they do not know,” she said.

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“But now, as I approach 30, I don’t feel much pressure because when you’re becoming mature, you gradually understand that marriage is not something you can rush, so it’s fine for me to get married whenever I want.” Although they face less stigma than their female counterparts, Hong Kong’s unmarried men are also subjected to similar questioning about tying the knot – particularly around Lunar New Year.If I support #metoo, does it mean I shouldn’t cook for a guy?” and “What if I like her and want to have sex, do I now have to wait for her to initiate?While free dating apps feature a wide range of singles, services such as Lunch Actually claim to be unique because they “hand-pick” matches for people who may not have time to swipe through profiles, and also provide a level of confidentiality.“We do all the work, and all our clients have to do is show up and enjoy the date,” Lim said.

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