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The paradoxes of Zeno of Elea depend in large part on the uncertain interpretation of zero.

By 130 AD, Ptolemy, influenced by Hipparchus and the Babylonians, was using a symbol for zero (a small circle with a long overbar) in his work on mathematical astronomy called the Syntaxis Mathematica, also known as the Almagest.

The ancient Greeks had no symbol for zero (μηδέν), and did not use a digit placeholder for it.

This became zefiro in Italian, and was then contracted to zero in Venetian.The way in which it is used can be seen in his table of chords in that book.Ptolemy's zero was used within a sexagesimal numeral system otherwise using alphabetic Greek numerals.They asked themselves, "How can nothing be something?", leading to philosophical and, by the medieval period, religious arguments about the nature and existence of zero and the vacuum.

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