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^ency to perpetuate to cljildren this t'ich literary heritage.My^»speeches terid 'i^^or^ and more to be like Frost's "Road Not Taken"-- they end up in inci^^edibl^ places I never meant them to he — and 1, lik^ Frost, frequently feel.Georgia, and the Georgia Council of Teao' English for sponsoring ^the conference.Crandall, and Murphey who assisted ion to the Le Letcher College of ers of James ft.

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But somewhere out thei^e today I know "(paranoids always 3 tain of these interests, or to suppress them* so t Horoughly that we no longer believe we are interested in W.

But that 'question is so unanswerable, albeit coitrpletely reasonable, that all I can muster are ^ smart-aleck answers, like I write because it^s less fattening than eating, or I write because I've found it so much easier than stone-carving.

Or I write because 4.'f I don't tell such mohstrous lies.

I fear that inactive receptivity to the mass media may eventually lead to a natiorr or a world of unimag- inative, iazy, helpless humans. For TV informs Cis Irke mad, but what good is an inforflfed Human being who knows every candidate's face and'^quali^- ^ cations, and all the Issues, and who ^on't get out of the Barcalounger long 'enough, to go and. ' In the fifties :the folklore was that TV with its,. "Oh," he said^ raising his eyebrows, "it must have 'come rather easily." WHY don't Americans speak, read,- and write ENGLISH?

correct usage and acceptable pronunciation would eventually lead to similar usage among its audiences. , More and more, my students "fefeeni to be in superficial ways informed --but unwilling to use the information they have. ^ ^ I also remember wi;th irony a moment from many years I was in Europe for the first time, and I'd taken up with a divine German student with a dueling scar on his face who mumbled endearments to me in half a ERLC dozen 'languages.,- He was thin and gaunt, artd his mqst ardent Qompliment , at least in English, was, ^**Ah, Katie; you are ^ so healthy ." At any rate*, I was gt that moment embarking on ray career as an English 'teacher , and he as)! I don't know^ but from my gwn life and career I can intuit some of the reasons, and my mission these days is "^to lay bare some skeletons, to try to figure why 'kids may read some 'things and resist reading others, and what as guides can do^^to help children to become readers.

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