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If you’ve ever felt “stuck,” not knowing exactly how to write a love letter or experienced writer’s block trying to communicate your feelings, you’re going to love this Love Sticky Notes Pack!It makes crafting the perfect, personalized note a cinch!Hi, I'm currently residing in Houston, Texas and have a question regarding the termination of my contract.A clause in my contract states I may voluntarily terminate my contract giving no less than 4 weeks notice.My question is, can I inform my employer of my intention to terminate my contract on the date that takes me to the 12 month period theshold.Example, if I started working for my employer on March 2nd 2012, could I write to them and inform them that I intend to terminate my employment as of March 2nd 2013 in December?Accepting your resignation notice early would not, generally speaking, change this from a voluntary termination to an employer-caused involuntary termination.

I just love Courtney’s cute birthday checklist design and unique pie-chart love note.

they just might even bring a smile to your sweetie’s face as you explain why you’ve “been a bear” or the reason you are “eating humble pie! )This print-ready bundle will definitely help you pull off the perfect romantic birthday or anniversary love letter surprise! Our gorgeous designs YOUR unique wishes = 1 Meaningful LOVE LETTER!

”These spicy suggestions will definitely set the mood! These clever notes are sure to leave his heart racing and mind anticipating your evening’s activities! Just wait until you see all the writing prompts- you’ll be able to write the perfect personalized love letter in a matter of minutes!

If you’ve never printed on Sticky Notes before, our handy instruction sheet will walk you through the steps.

This printable template is easy to use, and the whole love letter project can be completed in a matter of minutes, leaving you with a go-to file of love letters for the whole year!

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