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With the re-indexing, it didn't do that on my PC (thanks goodness! Did you uninstall Picasa 2 first and remove all the database files?

Thats the only thing that will/should cause a re-index.

Like many people I've been using the wonderful (and free) Picasa to manage my photos.

One of the huge benefits of Picasa aside from its fast and friendly user interface is that it doesn't write changes to your images.

Picasa can't send pictures through AOL email because Picasa does not know the default mail client. PS It is imperative the pictures are not moved around or exported in any way because all the pictures are already organized. Pictures are now sending from Picasa through the AOL program. The thing is windows 7 only has two options for emails clients Outlook and windows live mail.

Attached you will find the error I get when I open Picasa and click the little 'envelope' to compose an email. The problem I think was the user said they had tried re-installing, but I don't think they ever did. Windows Live Mail was not included so had to be downloaded.

This means there's a record of the changes still in the old directory, but not the new one, but it doesn't seem to matter because Picasa tracks this information in the Local Settings database.

The problem comes if you lose the database, or (as I did) intentionally delete it.

To fix this with my photos, I wrote a short perl script to trawl all the files to pull data out of them, then write them to folders where this information is missing.

picasa web album), this way google could spare a lot of cpu time .... One thing that doesn't work for me is, even though my My Pictures folder is watched/scan always, Picasa won't detect deleted folders- even refreshing thumbnails of deleted folders doesn't work. I have noticed that Picasa (v2 and 3) seems to delete images from the folder but leave the folder with the file - so the only way to delete the folder is to do it manually.

Im not sure why picasa would not be updating the file though. I have noticed that Picasa (v2 and 3) seems to delete images from the folder but leave the folder with the file - so the only way to delete the folder is to do it manually.

Hold down ctrl-alt-shift as Picasa starts and it will ask if you want to do this.

You will lose any labels you've applied to images, but if you need this script then that's probably already happened...

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