Performance analysis derivative based updating method

Optimization methods that rely on derivatives of the objective function may be unable to find any optimum at all.

Or multiple local optima may exist, so that there is no guarantee that a derivative-based method will converge to the global optimum.

The step size update based on residual error and its temporal integration was justified to resolve severe local lock-in problem of SPGD algorithm used in high -resolution adaptive optics.

The residual error of the metric relative to reference is transformed into proportional and integration terms to produce adaptive step size updating law of SPGD algorithm.Export reference: Persistent link: https://Econ PEc:eee:energy:v:128:y:2017:i:c:p:302-311 Access Statistics for this article Energy is currently edited by Henrik Lund and Mark J.We present a cut finite element method for shape optimization in the case of linear elasticity.SPIE 9255, XX International Symposium on High-Power Laser Systems and Applications 2014, 925537 (3 February 2015); doi: 10.1117/12.2065286; Yang Sun, Ke-nan Wu, Hong Gao, Yu-qi Jin, "Phase-distortion correction based on stochastic parallel proportional-integral-derivative algorithm for high-resolution adaptive optics," Proc.We describe a new computer program that combines evolutionary algorithm methods with a derivative-based, quasi-Newton method to solve difficult unconstrained optimization problems.

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