Pay per click dating sites

You have control over your ads and advertisers and match your advertisers to the type of visitors you're attracting.

This increases the amount of clicks and money you make. Can't Encourage Clicks: Search engines have to protect themselves against fraudulent clicks because their advertisers would stop advertising if the leads were fake.

With Income Activator referrals you receive 100% of your referral rate which you set yourself.

Leads generally pay more than Pay Per Click ads which means you can ask for a higher referral rate than a click is worth.

There are several pay per click advertising companies you can register with for free.To find companies offering PPC Ads search for A 'click' can be worth anywhere from a few cents to several dollars.Some people surpass ,000 a month from Click Revenue based on a 'Content Only' website with Google Ad Sense.Therefore, they would remove you from their click program if you encourage your visitors to click on their ads.With your Income Activator program you encourage clicks with your recommendations to your advertisers because you know who they are and what kind of visitors they are looking for.

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