Patron saint of dating couples

But it’s a guidepost for those days when you just don’t feel like putting a smile on your face.Prayer is the key to linking your yearning heart to the will of God and being able to tap into that hope that keeps you motivated and moving forward.Ultimately, learning these things opened my heart and my mind to pray for something more than what I wanted…but to pray for what God wanted; for His will in my life.I met Marvin on August 3, 2014 and we were married on May 29, 2015.Now two months in, we’re so excited to pray this novena together! I just delivered a healthy little girl in May, and we named her Anne in honor of St. Praise be to God.” – Amanda As you can probably guess, St.Anne Novena (through Pray More Novenas, the prayer ministry I run with my husband) with great hope and anticipation of what God is going to do with my prayers, and the prayers of everyone else who is joining us in this novena (and there are a lot — we’re at 196,000 members! Here are a couple answered prayers from Pray More Novenas members who joined us in praying the St. They seriously leave me filled with awe at how God works through our prayers: “St. I had been a wayward Catholic, returning to the Church early in 2014.A friend of mine suggested this novena for me last summer and told me that she’d heard of women praying this novena then meeting their husband.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a clear sense of direction about where to go from here and how to bring about lasting change.At the time, I was leaning away from marriage as a vocation, thinking it wasn’t for me.I prayed the novena asking for clarity in discernment.And as Saint Anne’s prayers were answered through patience, diligence and trust, some of mine have also been answered throughout the years — like when I met John-Paul. Anne felt disappointed to find she was not pregnant?I do continue to have prayers that have been seemingly unanswered, but I have begun to understand better that His answers and His timing are perfect. I wait with hope in my heart, because I would rather live out His answers to my prayers than try to take control myself. Throughout all of that, I’ve continued to ultimately trust that it will be okay… God’s answer to her prayer for years was, “Not yet,” but all the while, she probably thought he was saying, “No.” Waiting for His answers and His timing is difficult, but I see His will for my life being revealed to me little by little, and I cling to those pieces of truth as He gives them to me.

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