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We have made enquiries regarding whether any records that might assist such research remain in existence.

We approached Parker-Hale, as that company stands at present, and also two other companies, one of which purchased the trading rights for cleaning products, and the other which bought-up most other remaining stock.

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Nevertheless, it has always been apparent that Peter Parker (Spider-Man) is from a Protestant Christian background. , PM Machina This is a discussion I've had several times with my friends, and usually I step out of it when it turns offensive. ) Thing to remember though that until recently, like the past decade, religion and talks of such were verboten in most main stream comic books. For example, I HATE that Kevin Smith established he had sex, just because I don't think it should have been said one way or another.

The firm initially traded from premises in Icknield Street, Birmingham and was joined by Arthur T. Hale, who had become manager by 1910, at around which time they moved to Whittal Street. Hale became a director at some point prior to 1925. Alfred served in Belgium and France in the First World War and survived, (), to return to the family business. For many years until recently (the business closed late in 2007), the firm was at the "Armoury Works" in Moseley Road on the outskirts of Birmingham city.

This address became that of the famous "Bisley Works" subsequently stamped on so many of the company's products. Prior to 1928, Alfred left to set up his own company; Alfred J. It was previously at Bath Street Old Schools in Birmingham (the company was still at Bath Street in 1956, but had moved to Moseley Road by the mid Sixties). Parker had reached a significance which led to the change of company name to Parker-Hale; so it has remained to this day.

Nevertheless, Parker has exhibited a clear belief in God from time to time, and his Protestant Christian background has always been strongly manifest in his behavior and personal code of ethics. Superman also had a strong Christian upbringing, Johnathan and Martha Kent were praying for a child around the time Kal-El landed on Earth.

Although Stan Lee and many other early Spider-Man writers shied away from directly addressing Peter Parker's religious beliefs and religious identity, other aspects of the character have been dealt with concretely. Martha is always praying for Johnathan during the 'Death of Superman' saga, as Johnathan is venturing on his 'spiritual search' for Clark.

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