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But this time, their intimate pictures from his private Instagram account pretty much confirm their relationship. In another, they lie in bed together, showing off their matching socks.Taeyang’s (@__youngbae__) comment on one of their pictures, “Let’s write a song called romance aficionado,” seems to confirm their relationship further.

GD shared his feelings about the hacked account with a gloomy photo, which read, “I can’t handle people anymore.”This goes hand in hand with T. P’s recent statement about a sasaeng fan, who had snuck into his apartment and knocked on his door throughout the night.Per Dove’s Global Beauty and Confidence Report from 2016, 68 percent of women can’t identify with the images they see in ads.This doesn’t just affect how women see themselves; it hurts margins, too.“One group we needed to inspire to brief differently, and one group we need to inspire to recommend differently.”The images were uploaded onto Shutterstock around Jan. We can tell you that we do get a lot of downloads and can only assume that a lot of brands are using some of these pictures,” says Kaatdmann.Specifically, 1,729 images have been downloaded, per the video, which was published a week ago. Dove was impressed, too.“Dove loved the idea when presented, and we quickly found a way to extend the campaign in a more consumer-oriented angle, [using] some of the models from ‘Image_Hack’ in its regular advertising,” Kaatdmann says.

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