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Soon everything and anything Playboy was open to just about anyone and the magazine eventually had to evolve to hang-on to readers. She was also featured in the early 1970s and again in 1987.

They ditched the nudity for a bit, decided that wasn’t working and brought it back about a year ago. To read more, and get a preview of her shoot, follow this (safe for work) link.

It only took me 5 years to jump on this bandwagon, and now that I’m on it, I’m never getting off. I think it’s a superpower that comes with being gay.

My sister and I regularly stopped in Waldenbooks as tweens to check out the latest issues of Teen Beat, Bop and the like. At this stage of my life, nearing 30 and in a happily committed relationship nearing the 4 year mark, I’ll gladly accept that role. He’s flawed, he’s funny, he’s honest, he loves with all of his heart, and he always puts Mitch first.Then I got my job at the TU and, for a year or two, the Playboy PR team sent us the magazine (out of the plastic!) and The Girls Next Door became a cultural phenomena. Quinn Medicine Woman and modern-day grandmother is gracing the pages for the third time.

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