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The Ratter can get into your computer or smartphone as easily as I can type these sentences.They turn on the internal camera and film you as you go about your daily life.Skype-to-Skype communication does not use the campus or public telephone network, so calls can only be made to other Skype for Business users at this time.For faculty and staff workstations, your department's technology support staff should install the software component on your KU-issued computer.In The Intrusions I wanted to explore how deeply someone could penetrate a person’s private life – how, if they were determined enough, they could find out everything about you from your web presence and then use it against you.I also wanted to explore how technology has not only changed the nature of crime, but also fundamentally changed the nature of police work – screen gazing replacing shoe leather, data crunching instead of hunches.

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They call their victims slaves and every time you turn on your laptop, they are there, silently watching as we once imagined God to be.Before you proceed any further, take some Blu-Tack and stick it across the camera at the top of your laptop. History, in one sense, is the history of screening ourselves off from our neighbours. Ever since the Neolithic revolution, human beings have learned how to separate themselves from others, transitioning from communal living to private rooms, from walls and moats to windows and motion-detector alarms. Luckily, we are here to save the day and offer a few Sketch alternatives for Windows: There will be only one.We love our pets and want to make sure they are happy and safe even when we're not home.

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