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Your rising sign is the sign you look at to see what will happen in the future. Your rising sign is the sign that was on the horizon of your horoscope when you were born. It's funny but there are about seven signs that I have never been involved at all with.There are free websites that will do your chart and tell your rising sign if you know when and where you were born, the time of day and city. Also, I have had three boyfriends with the same birthday and two with the same birthdays as each other.They're cute to read over when you're with someone, seeking some additional bond/connection.Buuuut putting rational thought aside- Being a Pisces I've always been lucky in landing with Scorpios and other fish.

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i certainly wouldn't like it if someone dismissed me from dating purely because of my starsign!

that is abit insulting - after all it's the things that happen in our lives that forms the basis of our current personalities, which are evolving with each major event.

The interesting thing is, I like you have assessed the starsigns of past partners and friends and discovered intriguing results. i don't know any pisces and very few aquarius - till recently only my brother. I once read that worldwide, on average, there were some 250 babies born every minute... is to take the 12 signs, and their 'typical' descriptions of character.... read the description of a typical libra to a leo, or a sagitarrious to a taurus...

The fish I've been with, bar none, have all been day dreamers, 2 are artists, and not one could be counted on for anything domestic.

But see: am I seeing how things really are, or did I let this novelty taint my image of them? I read my stars from time to time out of interest to see how wrong they get it as much as how right.

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