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Spending most of her time in the outdoors she developed her strong work ethic and love of nature: gardening, fishing, hunting, and foraging wild edibles on their 100-acre property were a part of daily life.

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They lock into your pedals so you can push and pull hard and seamlessly on the pedals).Make sure it's a tri wetsuit though which is lighter and more flexible than a traditional one.- Cycling sunglasses - You need a pair of proper sports sunglasses that shield your eyes from the sun, rain, flies and flying stones.Mine are Oakley Radar glasses which you customise yourself. There are various distances, but I did the shortest, otherwise known as The Super Sprint.It’s one thing learning about Total Immersion (which I had practiced within an inch of its life), and another doing it on race day.What with the woman in front kicking me in the head, the woman behind hitting my feet with every stroke and not being able to see more than a foot in front of my face in the green murky lake, I ended up doing breaststroke. Now you would think a pair of goggles is just a pair of goggles right? A pair of Aquasphere Vista Goggles is to swimming apparel what Christian Louboutin is to footwear.

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