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BAND has established several policies as the foundation for the operation of the service in order to guarantee a pleasurable and active meeting experience for you within BAND and we have been applying the policies to the entire BAND service.

Your precaution is of a grave importance regarding the exposure of your personal information.Both when your personal information is leaked by others and if such information is exposed by yourselves, will lead to unwanted outcomes. Since there are closed BANDs and even for the open BAND, given the characteristics of BAND which is serviced based on meetings, BAND service cannot acknowledge the transactions taking place amongst members.Thus, the BAND service shall not interfere with voluntary transactions as well as the accidents and conflicts surrounding such transaction among members.Please use 'report' feature if you witness a displeasing or disgraceful contents while chatting with your friends.In order to provide the best possible chatting service, all reports are processed according to our policies and reported messages are hidden or disciplinary action is taken against users.

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