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All Personality Just For Fun Fantasy & Mythology Video Games Movies Animals Food & Drinks School & Academics Anime & Manga TVOnline Media Books Scary Celebrities & Fame Beauty Humor Love & Friendship Music Health & Nutrition Government & Politics Science & Tech Sports Career & Goals Cars & Vehicles Other Surveys Member of the Hyuuga clan, Hinata sure has a lot of fans! You also get to be yourself while taking this quiz in order to be with Noctis too.

Go do this quiz and enjoy it and please comment and like the quiz it would be very nice. ;) You get to either be Sakura Haruno, or Princess Stella Nox Fluret, or Hinata Hyuga...- choose to be one of those characters in this dating sim game quiz in order to be with Prince Noctis.

However, today's topic of conversation was different."Seriously, only Sasuke-kun is a desirable match around these parts— Well, when it comes to us 'Rookie Nine,'" Ino was sighing. "Oh, and Gai's team.""You have a point there," Sakura agreed. Ino," said Tenten, turning to said girl and catching her off guard.

"But I guess it's all just a matter of preferrence." Hinata's eyes brightened as she heard this. maybe that meant she could open up to these girls, and not be ostracized for her taste."But come on, anyone who doesn't like Sasuke , Hinata sighed inwardly and went back to gazing at the sky."Ino, don't say that," Tenten spoke up. "Face it, he's the only one.""I don't think that's fair. " Tenten turned to the shy girl foir a response."Wha... " She stammered uneasily."Y'know, about Sasuke being the only guy who's good enough around." Hinata began to blush automatically."Um... " Everyone echoed, not liking the potential directions that comment could take."Erm, yes. they— they may not seem appetizing at first, and you, um, may have your favorites, but you never know until you try them all which ones are really desirable and which ones aren't." She exhaled softly as the other girls began to nod as they caught on to the concept."That's it! "You said you don't think anyone's desirable, right?

"I'm sure there are plenty of great guys.""What, like Lee? Well..." She looked around at the eager stares of her peers, and probably would've passed out from the pressure if she hadn't been struck by inspiration."Well...

In fact, the next day she was bright and happy, too.

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