Name a popular television dating show

For example, the "Seinfeld" series finale in 1998 was the most recent episode to crack the top 100.

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It’s a reminder again that The CW isn’t run based on ratings, given its output deals.As viewers migrate to other platforms, ratings just tell part of the story.The numbers have become so deflated that CBS felt the need to point out in January that if you looked at “Live 35” data that included more than a month’s worth of TV, DVR, VOD and streaming viewership, the network’s primetime entertainment series average is actually up vs.Of course, those gains were small, and the larger story remains how viewers are moving from their TV screens to other devices… “60 Minutes” and “The Simpsons”: Sunday night stalwarts “60 Minutes” and “The Simpsons” also achieved virtually the impossible: They were flat year-to-year in the demo.And as we all know, “flat” is the new “up.” Both shows had reason to stay relevant: “60 Minutes” had a presidential election to wrap itself around, while “The Simpsons” made headlines with its 600th episode (!

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