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They both came by each other during their duties when the vampire Spike, named "Hostile 17" by the Initiative, escaped and attempted to kill Buffy's friend Willow Rosenberg, but couldn't because of a Behavior-Modification circuit.During a simultaneous rescue, Buffy and Riley got into a fight in Stevenson Hall but failed to notice each other because Riley was wearing a military face mask, hiding his face while Buffy purposely covered the room in a blinding smoke by firing a flare gun.The truth eventually came out when a group of demons called The Gentlemen stole everyone's voices, leading Buffy and Riley to catch each other on the job.They quickly worked together to defeat them, killing several of the Gentlemen's footmen.Riley then relocated in the burnt-down ruins of Buffy's old high school, Sunnydale High.After finding out Buffy visited her ex-boyfriend and ensouled vampire Angel in Los Angeles as well witnessing him beat up a couple of Initiative agents in Sunnydale, Riley assumed Buffy had slept with Angel and that he lost his soul again.Every Thanksgiving, he and his family would stay at his grandparent's house for thanksgiving dinner before they would take a walk down a river with their dogs. Prior to 1999, Riley joined the Army, and was trained in special operations before being selected to join The Initiative.The Initiative was a secret government military organization located in Sunnydale aimed at researching the demons that inhabited it because of its Hellmouth.

The two then on continued to share an unspoken attraction to each other.However, Professor Walsh watched them while they were in the act via a surveillance camera, so she attempted to get Buffy killed with a faux mission and a faulty taser gun.After the missioned hopelessly failed, Riley was devastated by Walsh's betrayal and left her mid-conversation despite her orders for him to stay.He realized his feelings for her after he punched Parker Abrams for making inappropriate comments about Buffy (as Parker previously had a one-night stand with her).While Riley did his best to keep Buffy from finding out his secret life, Buffy also wrestled to keep her secret life as the Slayer.

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