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The REALITY of the situation is parents should exhibit the same concern with WHOMEVER their daughter decides to begin a relationship.Another fear the parents hold is the "What will everyone think" mentality.My daughter is 22 and she is dating a black guy that is only 19. Canada Answers - Help my Daughter is dating a white guy? I'm having a hard time with my daughter dating a black man on AOL.When we explained to her how we all felt about this she moved in with him and his family. my Lot - My daughter is dating a black guy and I don't mind My daughter is dating a black guy, what should I do? Answers How do I prevent my daughter from dating white men? Should I stop my 15-year-old daughter from dating...

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My best girlfriend is Asian and married to my husband's best friend who is white.My parents to my brother and I that as long as the person loved us and treated us with the respect we gave them that was all that counted.Answer Many times the parents of white females possess a narrow-minded misconception of the young black male.Best Answer: Well are you worried about him being older? Because if him being black wasn't a big deal I don't think you would have even.My Dad Won't Let Me Date A Black Guy - Side Taker | Relationship Advice Interracial dating to me is horrible. 7 Answers I told my daughter that she better not even think about dating a black guy.

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