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Working Japanese mothers get very little support from the state, and bosses consider marriage a death knell for a woman’s career.“The bosses assume you will get pregnant,” one woman tells Haworth.That means absent a overnight revolution in gender norms, the government may need to consider more drastic measures — legal protections ensuring career advancement for women get pregnant, for instance.There are some broader lessons from Japan’s gendered fertility crisis.

Trend piece after trend piece about Japanese sex-and-dating practices ends up reading like the literary equivalent of rubber-necking: “look at how weird those weird Japanese people are!

“You have to resign.” And roughly 70 percent of Japanese women do, in fact, stop working after child #1.

As career-oriented women are turned away from child-rearing, so too are less career-driven men.

Political rights and the wording of laws and official texts here are strictly gender neutral.

Do you think we will ever have a female President in America? I wanted to explore the “Germans don’t date” statement I heard earlier, and I discovered some interesting things.

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