Madeline follin and brian oblivion dating

A band like Cults, which appropriates a spectrum of vintage song styles in a striking but not particularly original way, is even more at risk.The best songs on its self-titled debut, like "Abducted" and "Never Saw the Point," channel warm, retro grooves and a dusty feel, with simple melodies fortified by colorful percussion.The duo ended their relationship in the wake of their debut, yet continued to progress with the band.

To achieve that sensation without forcing the issue, Oblivion and Follin worked hard to retain the mind-set of their early recordings, together with a more organic songwriting process."All the saddest songs that I know masquerade as being happy; I think things have more impact that way, when there's some kind of dual nature to it.Now, the artist has returned with a new project for the gallery, which focuses on a subject that has fascinated him for his entire career: meat.The result was their sophomore record, Static, which arrived in October 2013.Last year, Brooklyn indie-pop duo Cults set music blogs ablaze with "Go Outside," a glistening vintage pop sing-along tinged with a compelling creepiness, its darkness accented by a sample of speech from Peoples Temple cult leader Jim Jones.

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