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The distinctiveness of this survey lies in its approach where responses have been taken from both the corporate and development sector organizations to understand current CSR functioning in its entirety.

This two-pronged focus has helped in understanding the highs and lows of both sides and in developing an unbiased summation of the situation.

A list of key issues, factors and trends was hence developed through literature review and surveying the local industry.

The final list of these issues was converted into a cognitive framework and a questionnaire was developed and circulated to 60 corporate and development sector organizations using convenient sampling method.

The classification of respondents can be seen as follows: 1.

Types of CSR Interventions This survey question focused on the types of csr intervention organisations engage in: The highest rating of corporate philanthropy (100 percent) by organizations in the survey findings is depictive of the philanthropic inclination of Pakistani society in general.

The survey findings present that spread of CSR has created necessity for corporate organizations to enter into purposeful partnerships with the development sector organizations.

The buzz word ‘sustainability’ has matured into a broader sense, to developing ‘sustainable relationships’ that enable the corporate sector to become an active social investor while expanding development sector’s reach and impact.

The challenge of finding a worthy partner to have a successful CSR experience looms at large and organizations need to find out the key issues that restrain development of synergistic partnerships to carry out sustainable joint CSR interventions.The total response spread of 34 organizations comprises 18 for-profit and 16 not-for-profit organizations in Karachi.Two different types of questionnaires, having similar approach, were circulated to 60 corporate and development sector organizations in Karachi using convenient sampling method.Creation A literature review from available local and foreign published scholastic work was made.However, insufficiency of local surveys on the CSR trends compelled to draw upon experts’ knowledge for development of a cognitive framework. Contextualization Expert interviews were taken where they were asked to reflect upon their experience and identify issues, areas and factors that should be considered to undertake the survey. The experts comprised from both business and social organizations. Operationalization A prototype of the cognitive framework was then designed based on the two above and was pre-tested in a smaller sample for validity.

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