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On Tuesdays you can head over to Zuzu for their Queer Ladies Night, which is a little quieter than some other parties but also notable for being much more T-accessible than virtually every other party ever.In addition to the night-specific girl parties, there’s also a couple of traveling queer nights.If you’re looking to party on Thursdays, the only place to be is in JP at The Midway for the mostly lesbian and gender-queer Queeraoke. Queeraoke usually draws a cool crowd, if not a lot of the same JP folks from the Milky Way.I’m not even going to pretend I don’t love a good round of karaoke.Full of coffeeshops, bookstores, and vegan food, they are a little expensive to live in (especially Cambridge), but nice places to spend an afternoon.Highlights include Harvard Square (touristy as it is), Davis Square, and also some out-of-the-way delights like Union Square.

It’s a pretty rocking party, and it’s won Best of Boston a couple of years in a row now.

Because we wrote this kind of together, it’s written in the first person hive voice where “I” sometimes refers to Rachel and sometimes to Lizz and sometimes to both of us.

Boston isn’t exactly known for its ease of transit.

As that is the case, the South End is also home to some of the best restaurants and small art studios in the whole city.

Jamaica Plain, or JP as the cool kids call it, is basically Boston’s lesbian stronghold.

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