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Sooner or later they’ll find negative feedback and they might choose your competitor because they feel you’re not honest.There is one case when you can remove a comment and feel good about it: when you’re 200% sure you’ve got a comment from a troll.If customers take their time to post about you once, they will post again if they are dissatisfied with the solution/fix.A great way to gain a good word of mouth is to make an extra mile for such customers and offer them a small gift or a discount.Think about it this way: customers enter your profile and see only good opinions which could make them think that you’ve made all these comments up.They probably start digging for other opinions on forums and review sites.It’s easy to respond to a complaint that was sent directly to your email inbox, right? If you’re lucky enough, people will tag your brand in their posts and you will get notifications about it. You can shout, swear, break stuff or hide in a closet and cry.Things get more complicated when someone is sharing bad word of mouth about your services and you can’t respond to it because you don’t see it. Enter your brand’s name (you can choose more than one keyword alert) and optimize your settings. I would recommend to set it up so you get notifications about all results from all languages and regions, because you want to be sure that you did not miss anything. There’s only one rule: you need to respond calmly and politely.

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If you let yourself vent in public, you will be judged by your behavior.Of course, you won’t be able to satisfy everyone, but there’s one thing you need to remember.Among negative comments, you will find both: your dissatisfied customers and Internet trolls.If someone abuses you or writes irrational things about your brand, delete it!Once you get in touch with your customer in private, handle a complaint the normal way: Don’t forget to follow up!

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