List of past mtv dating shows

We were judging each series on its content between Jan. 31, 1989, so some great ’70s shows that lasted into the ’80s fell further down the list, while The Simpsons, which we named The Best TV Show of the 1990s, didn’t make the cut during the 1980s with only one Christmas special to its name.

Colleen often served as the audience point-of-view into the war and how it affected not only the soldiers but those who supported them.

It proved a fertile ground for sly humor and slapstick gags as well as some brilliant jabs at other ’80s TV series and films.—Robert Ham 78.

Growing Pains Original Run: 1985-92 Creator: Neal Marlens Stars: Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns, Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold, Jeremy Miller, Ashley Johnson Network: ABC It’s odd to think that there are people living today who are only familiar with “born-again Christian” Kirk Cameron and not “hunky teen dreamboat” Kirk Cameron, but it’s true.

Everyone hate-watched this show, but let's all admit that it was one of the best "reality" shows ever.

To say that I was raised by 1980s TV is unfair to my wonderful parents, but I certainly spent as much time with the Keatons, the Huxtables, the Seavers, the 4077th and the Cheers gang as I did around my own kitchen table.

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