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But with all of those CDs, it can also become really confusing.Create a separate folder in your files with your certificates of deposit.However, there comes a time when it makes sense to liquidate a CD.

The likelihood of returning from wind down mode is considered remote when a plan of liquidation is approved by the persons with the authority to make a plan of liquidation effective, and the plan is unable to be blocked by other parties; or when liquidation is imposed by outside parties, for example involuntary bankruptcy.Also, set a reminder on your computer calendar as to when they are coming up for maturity. By Federal law, the bank is required to send you a notice 1 month prior to the maturity of the CD.This will serve as another reminder aside from the ones you have created for yourself.Accruals for income earned and costs incurred during the liquidation period should not be discounted and estimates of income earned and costs incurred should be reevaluated at each subsequent reporting date.Determining the costs incurred during the liquidation period could present challenges because certain costs are dependent on how long the entity will exist under the liquidation basis of accounting.

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