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The years when Rama grew up is described in much greater detail by later Hindu texts, such as the Ramavali by Tulsidas.

His education included the Vedas, the Vedangas as well as the martial arts.Joel Saltz spearheads last major frontier in digitizing medical images 12/8/17: Upstate is one of 39 institutions to share .2 million St.Baldrick's grant 12/8/17: Heat, humidity, and heart disease 12/8/17: Upstate researchers tracking infant development and 'tummy time' 12/7/17: New mapping technique can help fight extreme poverty 12/7/17: Scientists create stretchable battery made entirely out of fabric 12/6/17: ESF discovery could advance cancer research 12/6/17: Watch: Deadly Amphibian 12/5/17: New reef aims to bring oysters back to Long Island 12/5/17: Women who attempt suicide exhibit different protein levels years after the attempt, new research shows 12/4/17: Shaka Mc Glotten receives grant for "Black Data" project 12/4/17: Hearing different accents at home impacts language processing in infants 12/4/17: Climate change and the tale of two cities 12/1/17: Skin pigmentation is genetically complex, researchers find 11/30/17: Do smart phones hold the key to making cities smarter?of Engineering Programs wins equipment grant to fund natural fiber research 12/18/17: Buffalo-based startup POP BIO partners with int'l pharma companies 12/15/17: Our memory shifts into high gear when we think about raising our children, new study shows 12/15/17: Study: Garlic and fluorine combination shows promise as drug therapy 12/15/17: Computer scientist and biomedical engineer named fellows of the National Academy of Inventors 12/14/17: Edward Furlani named Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors 12/14/17: Wealth inequality increased in ancient times with animal domestication 12/14/17: Geneseo Startup Verdimine Signs License Agreement with Research Foundation for SUNY 12/13/17: Stinkhorns, truffles, smuts: The amazing diversity - and possible decline - of mushrooms and other fungi 12/13/17: Your smartphone's next trick? 12/12/17: National Academy of Inventors announces SUNY Poly Professor Dr.Bin Yu selected as 2017 NAI Fellow 12/11/17: Your mood depends on the food you eat, and what you should eat changes as you get older 12/11/17: New professorship to study one of the world's oldest languages 12/8/17: Deep in to deep learning 12/8/17: Dr.

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