Late night dating

In 1967, at its annual convention, CBS met with 750 affiliate executives and told them the network could provide a Carson-style late-night program by the following spring—but only if 85% of station-owners would commit to airing it.

Otherwise, the financing required for such a production would prove cost-prohibitive.

The show went on to have a long run in first-run syndication following CBS's cancellation.

The CBS Late Movie theme music was "So Old, So Young" by Morton Stevens, which also served as the theme music for CBS' prime-time movies until 1978.

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ICYMI, during Sunday's telecast of the Golden Globes, actress Ally Sheedy and countless others took to social media to drag James for wearing a Time's Up pin.

Like I said, there are stories that need to get out. I have my own side of this story, but I believe in these people that have been underrepresented getting their stories out enough that I will hold back things that I could say just because I believe in that much.

While most wrote off the tweet as a typo left up to keep the internet on its toes, Samantha Bee knew the snafu was an uncontrollable reaction to the President abstaining from his biggest vice!and vehemently denied the sexual misconduct allegations that were recently brought against him on Twitter.Franco essentially repeated this entire appearance, only this time, he sat down and discussed the controversy on Seth Meyers' .ABC themselves went with a similar format to CBS Late Night, with Wide World of Entertainment, which later gave way to ABC Late Night, which consisted of reruns of that network's prime-time series and original movies.Preemptions and delays of the block by CBS affiliates increased during 1980s, and into the early 1990s, as the syndication market began to grow more, and several stations deciding it would be more financially beneficial to air syndicated programming, thus keeping all advertising revenue for themselves.

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