Lap band dating

)No direct offense at any of you ladies intended, I'm simply curious as to your reasons for resorting to surgery as your ultimate weight loss method...

and for me Ive been heavy ALL my life and I have genes that are bad.

But I'll be healthier, and more confident of my self and the way I carry myself. they didn't like me before.didn't have to look, they don't like me after..still don't have to look!

But don't you find it funny that guys will only date certain looking girls, then they fall in love with them, then the lady gains all of this weight, and the guy doesn't mind...they only knew...

there are a couple of guys I might go out with that have known me before hand, becasue they liked me enough to hang out with me before.

But you are right for the most part, guys don't see the "real you" because they are to busy looking for the "Barbie".

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