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The 1984-1985 season brought problems for three of Knots Landing's leading women.

Karen was shot by a bullet meant for Gary, and was paralyzed for a period; Abby was taken hostage by St.

The Senator also made a play for Laura and they were married.

Handsome Joshua Rush (son of Lilimae, half brother of Val), entered the scene as a preacher turned successful local TV personality.

In 1980, Sid's recently divorced sister, Abby Cunningham, moved onto the cul-de-sac with her two kids, Brian and Olivia Cunningham, and immediately began undermining the relationships of her married neighbors, spreading gossip about affairs, and setting her own sights on Richard Avery.

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Another plot involved Chip Roberts, who worked for Val's press agent and who was simultaneously having affairs with Diana and Ciji Dunne, a pretty singer.Originally, the series focused on the four married couples who resided in the cul-de-sac of Seaview Circle in the quiet beach town of Knots Landing.In addition to being neighbors, their lives intertwined in other ways.She had part of KL Motors, was married into Gary Ewing Enterprises, was heavily into the Lotus Point real estate development, and was having another affair- this one with powerful underworld-connected State Senator Gregory Sumner.Sumner was an old friend of Attorney Mack Mac Kenzie (Karen's new husband), and offered him a job as crime commissioner.

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