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The women’s protest follows several anti-Berlusconi rallies this week.

President Giorgio Napolitano has warned tensions are too high and told Berlusconi at a meeting on Friday that Italy risked being pitched into early elections as a result.

His former ally-turned rival Gianfranco Fini said on Sunday that the latest scandal has made Italy a laughing stock.

The prime minister has survived sex scandals in the past and some of his most staunch supporters attended pro-Berlusconi rallies earlier in the week, while branding Sunday’s demonstration a puritanical and politically motivated ploy.

Italy doesn’t have a future if these are the values that sustain us,” said Paolo Campedel, attending a rally in Padua in northern Italy.

ONE-SIDED Photos and videos of a growing list of young women from the fringes of show business alleged to be connected to Berlusconi have been plastered over Italian television and media websites, often showing them in erotic poses or in their underwear.

The 43-year-old victim fought off her attacker and screamed for help and hospital staff came to her aid.

He does not appear to have been challenged by staff as he made his way into the labour ward where he is said to have sexually assaulted his victim.

Campaigners say the increasingly one-sided image of women as sex objects has promoted a culture in which women see selling their good looks as the only route to success in a country where a third of young people are unemployed.“I voted for him in the past, but I am really disappointed.I hope things will change,” said former Berlusconi voter Pina.The 74-year old billionaire premier has dismissed the accusations as “disgusting and disgraceful.” He says he has done nothing illegal and that he is the target of those who wanted to carry out a political “coup by moralists.” Leaked wiretaps from the investigation have been splashed over newspapers for weeks with references to bundles of cash, talk of sex games and gifts that would-be starlets received after attending parties at the media mogul’s villa.“I love my boyfriend for free,” read one banner in Rome, where crowds of women of all ages packed into a central square flanked by husbands, brothers and male friends. I do not believe in his values, his behavior and the way he treats women.

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