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When all other variables were statistically controlled, each additional IQ point predicted a 1% decrease in risk of death.Also, IQ was the best predictor of the major cause of death, motor vehicle accidents.After spotting this story on, I traced down the old pdf.

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Objective To compare the strength of the association between intelligence quotient (IQ) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality with the predictive power for established risk factors.

What I did find amusing was reading through what the media had to say on this recently, trying to tell people that they could boost IQ with education (hasn’t been done with any lasting effect yet, and many have tried).

Higher IQ has been associated with better outcome for disease in other studies, with explanations from following a healthier lifestyle (smokers have a much lower average IQ, 7.5 points lower) and being better able to manage medical conditions and medication.

Maybe someone should go over all the data for the dates of Eurasian mt DNA to see if they are still getting that pre-Toba date from the mt DNA. There’s a the hint from what’s been published that some of the TL dates in India are now over 100k, which would be interesting if true (no firm source as yet), just this.

It would mean that the expansion from Africa would have been fairly rapid into the tropical areas (similar climate, minimal adaptation time) if true.

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