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The inspection time period will begin as soon as you sign for receiving the car at your requested address.

During all this time e Bay will hold the money into a trust account.

The money will be sent per ebay instruction and you will give the payment details only to e Bay.

They will verify the payment and when the money are confirmed they will notify me to proceed with the shipping process.

I instantly see this in my inbox from [email protected] (which is hilarious…go visit that site…um Google Sites…nice—I totally trust you, where do I send my money?! Oh and I’m buying from Bobby Hickman, but the account holder is Harrison Macpherson!?!?

Further investigation of the “central fax number” reveals so many other scams happening like this one also claiming to be a US Army person. Seriously…there are no more defcon levels left to reach…we’ve hit scam meltdown at this point. There are so many signs of wrong, deceit, lameness going on that I really do feel sorry for people who think these are legit!

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I assured him nothing was there and to start it over. There is no Bartsville, AZ…and 85003 is somewhere downtown Phoenix I’m sure…holy crud man, take a moment to verify!You will receive all the transaction details from them. I'm not disabled, but I am thinking this might be cool in case someone with a wheelchair needs to borrow my new truck for some reason. This sounds like a great deal and my wife and I are excited. I love music and want to make sure the radio is a good one. For the sale, can I use something other than e Bay? Sorry for the question, but I've only used e Bay when looking for vintage train parts for my Lionel set. Hi Bobby, I know there is no disability, but in your listing you have a feature (next to power windows, etc.) that the vehicle is "disability equipped" -- is that incorrect and there is no disability equipment feature (like a wheelchair life)? Can't we use some other service that doesn't charge me money? I'm under Contract with e Bay which states that we can close the deal using their service.Very Important, Only after you will receive the car, e Bay will release the money to me.Get back to me as soon as you receive their invoice.You should hear from them within 24 hours It’s amazing to me that despite the obvious risk here that some people actually fall for this.

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