Is mandy moore dating the rock jason mraz is dating

The former couple announced they were divorcing after nearly six years of marriage in January.

had her thinking about when she’d like to have her own children.He said that he was in great demand, and that in fact he was trying to work out a deal to direct a feature film for New Line. All morning, she has been here, in a studio somewhere in the Valley, trying on clothes and submitting to the attentions of stylists.I asked him what he was doing next, and he said he was directing a video for a fourteen-year-old girl. At last he gave in, and I went out to see whether Gregory Dark was indeed a changed man or had simply cut some kind of crafty deal to take control of the hearts of America's virgin daughters. They have painted her lips and exaggerated the almondish shape of her eyes, but she still looks alternately sweet and sullen and petulant and passive and scared--like the teenager she is--until she hits her mark, and the music begins, and she has her moment of incandescence. It is being played through two tall, shuddering black speakers, and its sheer volume has the paradoxical effect of seeming to scour the studio of all sound--of everything but image.Moore’s fans will recognize Goldsmith from their adorable photos together that she’s shared on Instagram, but here are five fun facts about Goldsmith and the couple.Moore and Goldsmith currently share a temporary home while they are renovating a midcentury house near Los Angeles. It’s the best feeling.” Moore told PEOPLE over the summer that she was looking forward to blending her things with Goldsmith’s and planning several spaces in the new house for his collections.

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