Is justin bieber dating

"Justin picked up Selena in a private jet, and they arrived first thing in the morning to Montego Bay.They spent the day with Justin's family at a resort catching up and getting ready for Jeremy and Chelsey to get married."As you'd assume, Selena gets along famously with Justin's family, which was proven by their interaction throughout the important day."Selena was very comfortable with Justin's family," our insider says.After more than a year of puppy love, the two reportedly split for the first time as a result of their jam-packed schedules.Fans (and the internet) also begin to wonder whether there’s a relationship brewing between JB and Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin.Selena Gomez is a pretty solid plus-one, don't you think?

The Instagram user captioned the serendipitous moment, "When you just tryna get a cute pic on the beach and some couple photobombs you #Selena Gomez #justinbieber."As the eyewitness tells E!

After a few more on-again off-again appearances in the media, the couple officially confirmed they’d split. However, JB denies these rumours, assuring fans that they are simply good friends (whatever that means).

Was it not recently that JB confirmed that he and Baldwin were just good friends? The two celebs took their romance public on Instagram.

Because nothing screams commitment like trying to get a reservation on Valentine’s Day.

The Biebs, 23, and his 25-year-old girlfriend had dinner together in Los Angeles, with Selena believed to have jetted in from New York.

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