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As Brock Keeling, editor of Curbed SF, recalls, “With the exception of a few (like the beach room and hay room), most all of the design reveals were better than what the couples began with.” And nearly every admittedly formulaic episode of Trading Spaces was damn entertaining TV.

Beyond the big announcement of the show’s return, there’s much that we don’t know.

In an interview by Jim Crescitelli, "Keeping Up Appearances", Watermark, 25 April 2002, Wilson is asked about the "gay aesthetic" and replies revealing very little, "Gays are a major part of interior fashion and design in regards to consumers.

I think gay men are more inclined to have a certain sophistication when it comes to these ideas." A different Douglas Wilson (1950-1992) was a gay activist in Saskatchewan, Canada.

A big part of the success of Trading Spaces was in the shock of the reveal.

He and Hildi both understood what their roles on the show were and went for it.

Father: Tom Wilson Mother: Joyce Wife: Patricia (m.

Fifteen years ago, in October of 2000, TLC aired the first episode of “Trading Spaces.” I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the most frightening home makeovers we saw on that show during its run (look away now if you’re squeamish! Designer Doug Wilson was another one you could count on to mess up a perfectly nice room.

What were some of your favorite home-makeover disasters?

I’ll never forget the time Doug Wilson turned a bedroom into a jail cell, complete with a mural of prisoners!

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