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It seems that AJ Lee and Punk had been more than friends for a long time with many members of the WWE roster aware that the couple were together behind Lita’s back.

AJ Lee looked up to Lita so it came as a shock to her that the duo would do such a thing.

His work as a trainer got him hired by the ROH Academy, which he became the first head trainer of.

Between this time, CM Punk spent the years working for various Independent Wrestling Association affiliates (particularly Mid-South), National Wrestling Alliance territories such as Pro Wrestling Zero 1 and other promotions across the globe - his most notable work being in Ring of Honor and World Wrestling Entertainment.

The problem with WWE couples is the fact that sometimes they are made based on circumstance and when these circumstances change or the duo is split up as part of the brand split, they then struggle to maintain the relationship they once had.

The following list looks at 10 couples who split up in the worst possible way and so were then unable to still work together on WWE TV, and five who have set an example for all other couples and shown that even though there is water under the bridge, they can still remain professional and continue to work with their ex.

Punk would later appear on the "Art of Wrestling" podcast with longtime friend Colt Cabana on November 26th, 2014 to explain the reason and the ongoing factors that led to his departure.

On the June 27th PPV on July 17th, he became one of the very few men to walk out on WWE still holding the WWE Championship.

After his return and regaining the belt, he held the title for 434 days, becoming the longest reigning WWE Champion of the Modern Era.

This duo could have been part of either list since their affair cost Mickie James’ fiancé Kenny Dykstra his job at WWE when he found out that Mickie was having an affair with the former WWE Champion.

Mickie didn’t want a relationship with Mickie back in 2008 and so he asked for her to be sent to the Smack Down brand away from him.

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