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The commission strongly recommended that the nursing staff be increased and placed under the control of a qualified nursing matron.

The total capacity of the homes was then 120 places.

There are several friendly societies, but no information could be obtained about them. After seven hours, at the halfway point at Newbury, he had to be lifted off the coach and revived with a little brandy and water.

Eventually, Walcot decided to remove him to Clerkenwell and at 6pm he was put aboard the outside of a coach open to the wind and snow.

There were so many wet beds none of which were taken down to be dried and some of which were made up for use in such state for the following night that it appears to me the health of the children is endangered by the servant's inefficiency. In 1894, the British Medical Journal set up a "commission" to investigate conditions in provincial workhouses and their infirmaries.

Following a visit to Bath, the commission's report catalogued the establishments' shortcomings.

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