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Our day-to-day activities take us to every corner of the island, and we always take a camera. Get in-depth views of tours and day trips, both on and off the island. Take a virtual excursion to Phuket’s neighbours – Phi Phi Island, Koh Samui, Khao Lak, or Coral Island (among others).Compare Phuket Recommmended Hotels with our comprehensive photo galleries. We’re proud of our collection of photographs and add to it monthly.Backpackers might be able to justify their behaviour to themselves, saying that they’re not forcing anyone to give to them/they really can’t afford their next flight/they’re busking not begging, but deep down they surely know what they’re doing is wrong.ou cannot spend time in some of the world’s most deprived areas and fail to see that there is a difference in having your smartphone stolen and not being able to eat.n recent years, there has also been a rise in people crowdfunding their travels.It’s no longer shocking for a couple to ask for donations to their 5* honeymoon instead of wedding presents, or for people to take to Kickstarter asking for others to help them fund a volunteering scheme abroad.However, much of this messaging is confusing, even misleading.

Backpackers are so convinced they’re ‘giving back’ or ‘living a worthy cultural experience’ they lose sight of what they’re really doing: asking people to give their holiday a cash injection.

Jeremy, I know I am inundating you with messages this morning but I have two questions.

Use Gmail and when I want to reply to just a portion of the email, not the whole thing how do I do that or can I do that?

Use it for research before travelling, a quick fix between trips or reminiscing of your holiday in paradise.

Sharing Phuket with the world isn’t a job – it’s a passion.

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