Intimidating animals list

Alright, so no one is going to run away in fear because of a hummingbird, but Flit is fiercely protective of Pocahontas and never takes any sass.

He certainly tries his best to be intimidating when it comes to getting between his loyal friend and John Smith.

Once the story gets underway (and spoiler alert: the main character turns into a bear), it’s clear that the bears fear humans even more than humans fear bears, and it makes you wonder about who’s really the most intimidating force in nature. Speaking of movies that force you to think about stereotypes, how could this list not include?

Cruelty to animals sometimes encompasses inflicting harm or suffering as an end in itself, defined as zoosadism.

Divergent approaches to laws concerning animal cruelty occur in different jurisdictions throughout the world.

Some utilitarians argue for a weaker approach which is closer to the animal welfare position, whereas others argue for a position that is similar to animal rights.

Animal rights theorists criticize these positions, arguing that the words "unnecessary" and "humane" are subject to widely differing interpretations, and that animals have basic rights.

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