How to stop dating the wrong men

This has been a common theme for a lot of my friends who are happily coupled.They all start their story by saying, “He was the last person in the world I thought I’d fall in love with.We focus so much on the “type” of person that we are with that we often forget that we ourselves probably fall into a specific stereotype. When you reframe your checklist for your perfect partner based on things that actually matter, you’ll be likely to find someone that finally meets your real needs. We are so quick to judge (and swipe left) people who don’t instantly catch our attention that we revert to our bad habits and superficial ideas of what we want.If you continue to date jerks, maybe you should consider what it is about you that continues to attract the same sort of man. If a first date goes okay but doesn’t hit all the right buttons, try a second date and see how things go.

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If there isn’t a foundation of love, respect and commitment with the person you’re dating, giving more and doing nice things will not cause them to love you more, it’ll only result in you becoming increasingly attached.He was the opposite of everyone I usually dated.” I’ve taken this as a huge blinking neon sign that says, “Rethink Everything.” If you are single and looking for love, maybe you should stop serial dating the people you think are your “type” and start exploring more interesting options.Most people have a set checklist of stats for their future partner: age, height, career, religion, whether or not they have kids.He’d been in her life for years, but never on her radar.As an introvert, it took him forever to get the courage to start talking to her, and even longer for her to notice him over the sounds of primal grunts and flashy feats of strength that usually caught her attention.

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    What is worse is the damage that they cause by giving so many men false hopes that lead to more disappointment down the road.

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