Horoscope dating

And, if you're not satisfied with that answer, you may need to go beyond your sun sign and check out your full natal chart.You and your partner probably have different moon, Venus, and/or Mars signs — and some astrologers believe these are clearer indicators of compatibility than the sun signs.Or, a Capricorn may only realize they're kind of, sort of perfectionists when they see their Cap counterpart making and remaking the bed.

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If you are in love with a Cancer male or female, be prepared to get serious fast. They can be hurt easily and they don’t always react well to criticism and can be very defensive.

If you need a lot of personal space, then a Cancer soulmate is not a great choice of romantic partner.

It’s not just jealousy, part of it is that he wants to take care of you and protect you.

Cancer zodiac sign are very domestic and very in touch with their emotions.

They feel everything very intensely and when they are in a relationships, they commit themselves to it 100%.

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