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PCPs, your job IS - if you don't know - refer, refer, refer, to a specialist. Obviously, everyone makes mistakes - but, don't try to be a hero, or believe that if you don't know, nobody else will.Well, if you saw the head of ID at Johns Hopkins, you certainly saw a specialist, but you aren't choosing to take his opinion as to your condition.Recently, I read that most disseminated cases of are from the Herpes Zoster virus, and a disseminate infection of HSV-1 is almost unheard of - is this correct? It's nothing you would've been able to handle on your own without being hospitalized.you have no reason to suspect that you have disseminated herpes and you've been told that you don't have it by what is most likely some very well qualified doctors.Also, your description of your first infection doesn't sound like HSV 1 infection genitally to me.Groin rashes are very common in men, and are mostly fungal (jock itch), and we seem them from time to time after having a new sexual partner (yeast in women, jock itch in men).Even though we "practice" medicine, trust me that we don't do so out of total ignorance!

), and the virus just took off from there and I got very sick, including severe esophagitis. When the results came back the doctor said inquisically, "Oh, you're having a herpes titer?

Many years later I contracted a secondary infection Pertussis/Whooping Cough with complications.

After the illness a doctor said, "I was compromised during the illness." Although, very rare, I believe I have a disseminated hsv-1 infection.

I wish I didn't have to be a cynic; but, I could fill a book with what I have gone through.

I take blame first for making a stupid choice, and believe the medical community can take blame in my burden, as well.

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