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And actually I don't find a skinny man as attractive as one who is larger and a little overweight As a bbw i dont care about the weight/size of a man, as i have had weight problems all my life and dont care about other peoples size.These days im lucky if a man fancies me at all,,but if he has a pulse i would give him a go. My parents, god bless their souls have been married 57 years, and Mother is quite heavy.Of every 100 women I contact, only about 3 write me back.

At least they don't have a weight preference on weight like they do on age here.

Yes a lot of my larger sized friends love skinny men and will only date them but then they whine if a skinny guy doesn't like them because they are overweight--yet they won't date overweight men..a jokemaybe cause you are saying you like intelligence, someone wh0 is fun, and looks are maybe second on your list.

Just because someone is heavy does not mean she doesn't feel she fits in this category.

It does mean we won't be lovers and that's one of the four things that has to be there in an intimate connection -- physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual. That's why it's so d*mn hard to form and then maintain a loving, intimate relationship.

well, I will try to answer this as honestly as possible. I do not go for dating heavy women, I personally am not attracted to big women. I have no issues with being friends with big people, or little people, or any people for that matter. Now that I have lost some weight I feel that the attractiveness comes in a number of things for I too look for someone that takes care of themselves.

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