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Chapters on the Dixie Music House, Roy Knapp, Krupa, and more!!8.5"x11" paperback, 177 pages Catalog #CW .00 Compiled by Rob Cook. A brief biography of George Way, followed by a reproduction of his vendor directory; personal notes from George to himself about where he got brass, felt, etc.It had been out of print for nearly ten years when the printer recently returned the analog files.Technology has progressed to the point where a limited edition reprint has become feasable.Here is a hard rock memoir – essentially an authorized bio on the endearing British rock band Humble Pie – as told from the drum throne and backstage hallways during the emerging days of the Seventies classic rock era.In 1969, Jerry Shirley was chosen to drum in a new band led by Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton. Along with bassist Greg Ridley, and manager Dee Anthony, the Pie started a 6-year journey that stormed the US and defined Arena Rock – bigger sound, bigger contracts, and bigger parties.Paperback .00 by Hugo Pinksterboer 9x12 paperback,212 pages Catalog #DW .00 THE definitive book on cymbals. Includes capsule histories of dozens of drum companies.Histories of all the cymbal companies as well as cymbal acoustics, selection and testing, setups, cleaning, repair, etc. This book was first published in 1996 in very limited quantities, done with old-school technologies; film, screens, separations, offset, etc.

Written in his own voice and with a wicked musician sense of humor, Jerry details the vibrant scene that created the explosive sound of heavy rock.1960's Supertron neck pickup, gold (worn) 91960's Hilotron pickup 91950/60's pickup surrounds/gold each1950/60's pickup surrounds/silver each1970's metal pickup ring, gold 1970's Filtertron covers, gold each1970's pickup mounting bracket/screws/springs per pickup1950's Dearmond pickup screws each1950/60's flat head Filtertron mounting screws, chrome each1950/60's flat head Filtertron mounting screws, gold each1960's pickup surround screws, chrome, phillips each1960's pickup surround screws, gold, phillips each1950/60's Gretsch push in electrical connectors, male or female .50 each1950's tone switch, with capacitors, ring & tip, nickel 1950's/60's pickup selector switch 1950's output jack, nickel 1960's solid shaft pots each1950/60's shielded gray wire .50 per inch 1950's chrome Statite, complete 9.951960's Grover Imperial "kidney bean" tuners, gold (worn) 51960's Gold Van Ghent tuners, complete 9.951960's Nickel Van Ghent tuners, complete 9.951950's Gretsch 3 on a plate tuners, white plastic buttons 1950/60's Gretsch "hex-head" tuner bushings, nickel, or chrome each1960's round "Van Ghent" tuner bushings, nickel each1950/60's tuning machine mounting screws, phillips, nickel each 1950's chrome G arrow knobs each1950's arrow only knobs, chrome 0 each 1960's "G" knobs, nickel each1960's "G" knobs, gold each1960's (late) "G" knobs, silver, with topface bevel/indent each1960's (late) "G" knobs, gold, with topface bevel/indent each1970's "G" knobs, gold each1960's (late) Rounded head chrome strap buttons .50 each1950's chrome strap knobs each NOS 1960's Gretsch hollowbody pickguard blank, unnotched and undrilled, clear with Gretsch logo 01955 Gretsch hollowbody bracket kit, nickel 1960's hollowbody bracket kit 1960's hollowbody pickguard bracket, gold, all mounting hardware included 50's/60's pickguard bracket top screw, nickel each, nut for screw 0's/60's pickguard upper (by fingerboard) mounting screw, nickel 50's/60's pickguard side bracket screw, nickel 950's felt pickguard spacers 1950's Duo Jet rear cover plates 0 1960's Space Control bridge, chrome, includes base 01960's gold tuning fork bridge 91960's Space Control bridge, gold, includes base 01955 long "G" tailpiece, chrome 01955 Duo Jet "G" tailpiece, chrome 01960's long "G" tailpiece, chrome 01950's tailpiece mounting screws, nickel each1990's gold "G" tailpiece for solidbody 1960's Gretsch "V" Bigsby B6, gold, new arm 01960's Gretsch "V" Bigsby B6 0 1958/1959 6120 trussrod cover 0 1950's Gretsch Anniversary headstock plate, w/ nails 01960's Gretsch Viking headstock plate, w/ nails 1960's trussrod cover 1967 long (2 7/8") trussrod cover 1960's Chet Atkins Tennessean headstock plate, with nails 51960's Gretsch 6120 backplate 01960 backpad snap (attaches to guitar back) each1960's truss cover screws, chrome, phillips each1960's Gretsch backpad, large (Country Gent/17") 1960's Gretsch single mute 1960's gray speckle case, 6120 size 51950's/60's gray White Falcon case, (full depth single cutaway models) 51950's gray 6120 case, great shape 51960's (late 60's/early 70's) White Falcon/Country Gentleman case (thinner double cutaway models); black exterior, blue interior, brass Brooklyn/Chicago Gretsch logo 5 Website prices subject to change without notice. Fender®, Jackson®, Charvel®, Guild®, Squier®, Passport®, Benedetto®, SWR®, and Rodriguez® are registered trademarks of Fender® Musical Instruments.Gretsch® is a registered trademark of Fred Gretsch® Enterprises.(Gier does so.) -Relevant to dating these drums, in addition to the serial number, are: Serial number label style, model number, color of ink used on label, lug casing screw type, wrap/finish, throwoff/strainer type.Rob Cook considers this book the "Rosetta Stone" for dating Gretsch drums made between 19.

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