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I don't see why any Leo woman wouldn't love a Pisces they really know how to make you feel like a queen! but this has been the best experience for me because he has shown me that I can trust someone not to hurt me.

I am a Leo woman and I have been talking to this Pisces man for about three months.

When back outside it's the usual reality, some excitement, agendas, plans and dreams are in mix, when all that becomes a routine at the end of the day I want to come back to my Leo woman and tell her I want to wake up next to her for the rest of my life. I am in a relationship with a Pisces man & I love him to death I don't understand why these astrologies say we are not compatible we have a good relationship & I do honestly feel he is the one for me he is caring, fun to be around, compassionate etc.

Will wake up a bit earlier before back to a regular programming schedule, if you know what I mean ;)im a Leo woman I have been with my Pisces man for a little over 3 months and everything is going so amazing we have been inseparable since the day we met, but recently something bad happened and we only get to see each other like twice a week now but he constantly calls to check on me we are on the phone pretty much 24/7 unless he is at work and then he still calls me we have opened up so much more to each other so I think all that compatibility stuff is crap he's the best guy ive ever had!!!! I could be around him 24/7 we do argue from time to time but all couples do.

I use to think it was the two of us against the world.

The communication was hard, we just didn't get each other, I like organization, security, and he lives for today and today ONLY, which is scary because he has a child also and don't seem to care about making sure that she's taken care of, he leaves that up to the mother. I learned a lot about love in this relationship - that if the person can't be there for you once in a while and you are there all the time they need you, then why keep doing it? nothing but heartache, which I am hurting but this Leo woman will be GREAT IN 2010.

I'm a Leo & they said we're opposite but we have faith love & patience is the key-- love you romey so much! I have learned to show affection too because they will love you forever. We've been dating for almost 6 months and so far so good.

I've dated lots of guys in the past but I feel he is the one.

I always have to reassure him that everything is just fantastic, but I think there is a little thing inside him saying that "No, do more for her". The only bad thing, is that he is a little on the depressed side, and being a Leo, I am outgoing. I wanted us to connect, so and her as I found out later, and no surprise we did.With him, life is not so organized which is okay, I kinda like it, sometimes I wish I could be as carefree as he is. But in the end it didn't work because I needed a bit more attention than he was giving. I'm dating a Pisces man and he is the best boyfriend I have ever had.I love my Pisces man we go thru it time to time but we're perfect there are 2 different kind of Pisces so I got a good one. He showed no affection and rather care for everything else other than me or his family as a matter of fact. Very attentive and I don't know why they say Pisces men don't show affection because he shows a lot of it. He's truly amazing and what I've needed in my life for a long time!! He's accepting and open-minded, funny, smart, caring, considerate, etc.Yes, she wants to roam a bit more than I do, and can, but it's understandably also because she is younger than I am. So far, he is quite affectionate though I feel he prefers to be smothered in my affection.She is warm and very affectionate, sometime more than I comfortable with, but again she is younger and I've already had my share of bad relationships, so I'm more reserved, although I'm unleashed when we are intimate because her overwhelming physical sexuality drives my wildest fantasies to the fullest, almost to the point of amusement that I can have it this good in my life, so yeah - I can be brave and all and because of her sexuality I indeed become a total puppy when I come back to her presence, when other worlds disappear behind the closed doors and time becomes infinite ambient bliss. He is very carefree with his money and lives for each day. He is everything my ex Piscean boyfriend wasn't and am happy to see how things go for the future.

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