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Your partner might be extremely close with their ex, which can inadvertently lead to a little jealousy down the line — whether that jealousy is coming from you or the ex.

"You've got to be able to keep your feelings in check," Dr. And if you're struggling, usually the best thing to do is to talk to your partner about your feelings.

"Be clear on what the roles are so that no one feels threatened." Dr.

Michael says that assumptions lead to miscommunication, which can be doubly disastrous when there are young kids involved.

It's all about diseases, betrayal, secrecy, and deception.

There are scant positive models of healthy non-monogamous relationships, and so monogamy is generally not considered a choice but a given. Brad and Kira, who got married in their early twenties, have also learned valuable lessons from their foray into non-monogamy.

All that said, dating someone with children can be an incredibly rewarding prospect, especially with the right partner.

"If you're interested in children of your own, you're getting a glimpse into what they'll be like," Dr. And information like that can bring you and your partner even closer.

Their goal is to recognize and celebrate each other's needs. Where would you draw the line on celebrating your partner's sexual needs and happiness--or your own?When he met Dana, he was thrilled that she was open to inviting another lover into their bed.While they were dating, this couple in their thirties had threesomes, and they even swapped partners on their wedding night six years ago."Rather than continue to encourage people to cram themselves into an old model that isn't working for many -- about one out of two marriages ends in divorce -- we want to acknowledge what's already happening and encourage you to think about new ways to marry," the authors write.The book, which hit shelves in late September, offers up seven models of alternate marriages for modern couples to consider. Bryce readily admits that he isn't cut out for monogamy.

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