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SY: I’m looking a little more forward than what our app currently does. If you check into Foursquare, you’re being public about your location. If Foursquare creates a list of their hottest users and where they are at 2 a.m. CB: Do you expect most of your users will eventually be using location-based features? At a very trivial level, all we have to do is say—instead of search near my zip code—search near me. SY: The biggest thing is making dating work better. We’re passionate about using data, science and math to make dating work better for single people, and I think location will be a part of that solution.

Down the road, imagine you can check into your dates. That’s a very small change in behavior, but it’s how we’ll get people to start thinking about using it.

Previous determinations of numerical ages of relict landslides have mostly relied on radiocarbon dating of large, readily visible, but rare, organic fragments/debris, and some optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating.

In November 2001, the Geotechnical Engineering Office commenced an integrated pilot study of relative and direct dating techniques to assess the accuracy and reliability of previously used techniques and the applicability of recently developed techniques.

at the very beginning of the emersion of the basin during the Tithonian period and 30 Ma earlier than previously assumed.

δO results confirmed that most of the calcitic cement phases that closed the porosity of these formations precipitated at the beginning of the Cretaceous period.

It’s not inherent—it’s not part of the very fabric of the product you offer.

What we do is we essentially facilitate people meeting, so knowing where people are is a critical component of that. Also, dating sites have a really hard time knowing how the dates go, because we don’t really know which people go on dates with each other.

There’s a tremendous opportunity for us to enhance our algorithm by actually knowing when people go on dates and how those dates go. CB: I tried your app and noticed it locates people by neighbourhood, so it’s not too specific.But, as is often the case, my interview with Sam Yagan, Ok Cupid’s co-founder and CEO, had more interesting tidbits than I could fit into the story. So here it is: my conversation with Yagan on the future of dating.Canadian Business: Why did Ok Cupid add location-based features to its apps?This study shows that U/Pb dating of secondary geodic calcite offers a new powerful way for reconstructing the coupled palaeohydrological and diagenetic history of sedimentary basins.Last August popular dating website Ok Cupid added a new feature to its i OS and Android apps: location.

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